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Lunar Festival Guide

This is intended to be a horde walkthrough of all the achievements regarding the lunar festival. Some of them are both easy and self explanatory so I will not say much about them and one specifically (Elders of the Dungeons) will be covered partially in other “Elders of the..” series.

I’d like to begin with dividing the achievements into 2 categories: easy and medium.

Easy ones are

50 Coins of Ancestry

This itself is not easy but it will be covered in the medium achievements. In fact it will be done as you complete others.

Lunar Festival Finery

This is the easiest part. Just buy one cloth from Valadar Starsong in Moonglade.

Frenzied Firecracker

Just buy 10 Festival Firecrackers and shoot them. Easiest way is to hotkey and spam.

The Rocket's Red Glare

See above.

Elders of the Horde

Not much to say

Medium ones are:

Elders of Eastern Kingdoms

Elders of Kalimdor

Elders of Northrend

Elders of the Alliance

Elders of the Dungeons

Elune's Blessing

Before you start:

- Relax

- Have some drink and snacks stacked because it is going to take some time.

- Have a few potions, water and food before you start.

- Remember to check your reagents you may need.

- Check if you have long CDs (like Northrend Inscription Research or Smelt Titansteel) coming, have the mats ready and/or plan where you may stop for them.

- If you have a profession slot empty, taking inscription and leveling it to 40 (Scroll of Recall) would help. It may send you to some stupid places but it may also help your progress. Also its worth trying before you HS because if it takes you where you want to go its fine, if not, well you’d use HS anyway.

- Having some sorts of other transportation (Astral Recall, mage portals etc.) helps a lot.

- Check if you have any go and turn in quests available around.

- Remember to give it a break and leave the PC for small breaks.

- Remember to feed the cat.

- Mages can alter the course anyway they like depending on the portal they know. Bringing in a mage friend confers the same benefits.

- A warlock can summon you to where they are by convincing 2 random passer-bys.

- In case of dire need a friend in a horde capital, Shattrath or Dalaran can party with you and join a bg to get you out of a tight spot.

Elders of Azeroth

It’s a routing problem with different solutions. Mine is not the best but an attempt. Modify it as you see fit and inform me of your versions so we can alter the routes or add alternatives to make a good guide to The Lunar Festival

Elders of Eastern Kingdoms

  • Set foot in Booty Bay and visit Elder Winterhoof he’s on the top of the building across the Flight Master. Fly to Grom’Gol Base Camp. (Set HS here)
  • Ride to the entrance of Zul’Gurub Elder Starglade is to the right when you enter the area. Run back to Grom’Gol (AR or scroll out)
  • Fly to Stonnard set HS here (Set HS as well)
  • Sunken Temple. HS out (AR or scroll out).
  • Run to the Blasted lands all the way to the Portal to find Elder Bellowrage. Run back (AR or HS) to Stonnard and fly back to Grom’Gol.
  • Run all the way to Sentinel hill. Elder Skychaser is on the top of the tower that houses Captain Gryan Stoutmantle and several Westfall Militia.
  • Stormwind
  • Run down the road to Goldshire. To touch Elder Stormbrow and HS out. (AR or scroll out)
  • Fly to Flamecrest FP and visit Elder Dawnstrider (set your HS here)
  • Run SE to Dreadmaul Rock and find Elder Rumblerock in cave at the top the mountain.
  • Run back to the Blackrock Mountain
  • Lower Blackrock Spire
  • Blackrock Depths
  • Leave the Blackrock Mountain via north exit (AR or scroll out and Fly to Thorium Point)
  • Elder Ironband is at the SW corner of Searing Gorge after that run to Thorium Point and fly to Kargath in Badlands. Set you HS here. (set HS as well)
  • Run to Loch Modan and visit Thelsamar to see Elder Silvervein by the graveyard overlooking town.
  • Run south from there and turn west when you see dwarven buildings to the tunnel system to reach Dun Morogh. Follow the road west to Kharanos. You’ll see Elder Goldwell North of the Kharanos inn.
  • Ironforge
  • HS out (AR or scroll out) and fly to Hinterlands. Run inland to find Elder Highpeak at the top of a hill. Return to Revantusk Village and fly to Light’s Hope Citadel.
  • Talk to Elder Snowcrown and move on
  • Stratholme
  • Run to the Crown Guard Tower to see Elder Windrun
  • Continue past the bridge to Western Plaguelands. You’ll see Elder Meadowrun to the right of the road just past the bridge.
  • From there cut South and swim to the isle of Scholomance. Elder Moonstrike is on the roof of the house there. HS out (AR or scroll out)
  • Fly to sepulcher to visit Elder Obsidian and fly to UC.
  • Undercity
  • Run out of the city to visit Elder Graveborn just at the entance to Brill

Voila. You have completed Elders of Eastern Kingdoms (Elders of the Alliance and Elders of the Horde as well, if you started in Kalimdor).

Elders of Kalimdor

  • Fly to Mulgore and set HS (Fly to Gadgetzan and set HS)
  • Fly to Silithus.
  • Elder Bladesing is just where you land.
  • Elder Primestone is in NW corner of Silithus.
  • Then fly to Un’Goro Crater. Elder Thunderhorn in Slithering Scar to the south, around the entrance of silithid cave
  • Run up from there to Tanaris. Elder Ragetotem is in the Valley of the Watchers, south Tanaris.
  • Run to Zul’farrak HS out and fly to Gadgetzan when finished (AR or scroll out).
  • Elder Dreamseer is needless to mention. You have a running session in the two steps following.
  • Elder Morningdew is in The Mirage Raceway in The Shimmering Flats
  • Elder Skyseer is in the Freewind post. After that fly to Camp Mojache (set HS)
  • Elder Grimtotem is exactly at the pinned spot in the map.
  • I couldn’t describe the location of Elder Mistwalker better so I’m quoting: [By rapidan: “okay, i was totally confused about the wording here, so hopefully this clears some of it up... yes, go up the ramp into Dire Maul, your coords will change. go past the mobs - right, left - then you're at a long hallway, and on your minimap you can see a smaller hall above it. go inside that and you will come out into the arena, and should have the ! on your minimap directly in front of you. you can run to the icon, and jump down to the Elder, or you can run down a ramp (rounded archway) to your left and enter the arena that way. good luck!”] (AR or scroll out)
  • Maraudon (fly to Shadowprey Village and run to Maraudon)
  • HS out (AR or scroll out fly to Mulgore, use HS if you have to)
  • To reach Elder Bloodhoof you have to run from Mulgore.
  • Then you run again to Elder High Mountain
  • Fly to Crossroads to Elder Moonwarden and fly on to Ratchet. (set HS to Ratchet)
  • After visiting Elder Windtotem run NE towards the river and cross it when you can to Razor Hill
  • Pay a visit to Elder Runetotem and run to Orgrimmar (AR or scroll out and fly)
  • Orgrimmar
  • Fly to Azshara and run to the Ravencrest Monuments to visit Elder Skygleam. He’s not down on the beach you pass 2 bridges to reach him. Follow the long collumn lying on the ground to find him behind the standing legs of the monument, then run back and fly to Everlook (or AR, Scroll, HS out and fly)
  • Elder Stonespire
  • Exit Everlook from west and cut south to Ruins of Kel’Theril to find Elder Brightspear
  • Fly from Everlook to Bloodvenom Post,
  • As you leave the post cut south before you even reach the main road you’ll find Elder Nightwind just a bit to the south. Return and fly to Emerald Sanctuary.
  • When you reach Astranaar cut north and approach Elder Riversong from the lake. You shouldn’t have any problems with low level guards. Then run on to Auberdine
  • Same applies to Elder Starweave, She’s out of town so no problem.
  • Teldrassil
  • Elder Bladeleaf is South of the road so leave the road before reaching Dolanaar and approach from outskirts of town.

There you are. You just completed Elders of Kalimdor (Elders of the Alliance and Elders of the Horde as well, if you started in Eastern Kingdoms).

Elders of Northrend

Not completed yet

Elders of the Alliance

Click the links to the city you’re going in. Familiarize yourself with the turns and curves if you’re not already (i.e. never played alliance before). Check busy spots like AH, bank, etc. If allied scum gives you too much trouble

Stormwind City

Target: Elder Hammershout

Location: The Park

Other things to do while there: The Stockade, The Guardians of Tirisfal,

The Fishing Diplomat

Approach from the sea. Swim or waterwalk from the NW corner of Westfall and turn in as soon as you see the dock. You’ll be able to land and walk up the stairs without aggroing any guards. Beware patrol escorting a Defias prisoner up the stairs. When up don’t retaliate any guards. Just run. They should stop following after some time. When you’re in the park pay your visit to Elder Hammershout and run towards trade district through mage quarter. Once past the bridge and tunnel draw a circle around, avoiding the square where folks run between Bank and AH. Run towards the griffon master and jump to the water without aggroing the flight master. You can blink, fear, stoneclaw totem or bubble your way through the gates and continue.


Target: Elder Bronzebeard

Location: Mystic Ward

Other things to do while there: Old Ironjaw,

Not much option: Run in, turn left as soon as you make it to The Commons. You should lose the guards on the road towards The Mystic Ward. HS out as soon as you talk to Elder Bronzebeard.


Target: Elder Bladeswift

Location: Cenarion Enclave

Other things to do while there: Explore Teldrassil

You have to run through the portal to get in. Once there you’ll be followed by guards but you can lose then running towards Cenarion Enclave. Visit Elder Bladeswift and run towards Craftsmen’s Terrace. Run out from the arches towards the interior Teldrassil towards Dolanaar. I strongly suggest you to explore Teldrassil completely. You may not find a chance later (not because it is hard but Teldrassil is so off the road that even allies rarely go there).

Elders of the Dungeons

Elder Wildmane in Zul'Farrak

A level 80 should not aggro any mobs but a few in tight corridors. Elder Wildmane is in the Gahrzilla’s pool area. Turn left as soon as you enter the pool area and you’ll see her.

Elder Splitrock in Maraudon

Elder Splitrock is here:

Because Maraudon is a never-ending, annoying maze, I’ll quote:

[By pilot13:

A few directions for those of us who haven't run this place in nigh on four years now.

When in desolace you need to head to the valley of the spears (north of the horde town, frikkin miles away from the alliance one). When you get there follow the cave until it splits into three paths. The one you want is the middle one with statues of horse men surrounding it. As of 3.0.8 you don't need the scepter so just hit up the portal, which is just as well because Mara is a maze.

You'll be chucked right into the centre of the instance. Take the south/southeast path and follow it as far as you can, constantly going up ramps and avoiding golems and snakes. If you've gotten to the boss 'Landslide' you've gone too far.

Eventually you'll end up in a giant cavern with water in the bottom and a giant platform running the length of it. If you haven't got the achievement for this place you might as well go to the round platform at the west end and smack the princess a few times.

Jump in the water

Swim east past the Hydra boss (Ripbore?) and you'll enter another cavern that looks like all the ones preceding it. Climb up ramps etc and he's there.]

Elder Morndeep in Blackrock Depths

Elder Morndeep is easy to access. Once inside kill the first 2 dwarves at the door. Look at the 3rd tunnel counterclockwise. Its also the 3rd tunnel clockwise. If you time it right and observe the patterns of the patrol all you have to kill is the other 2 dwarves in the entrance to your tunnel. Once in the tunnel you’ll see the entrance to the Ring of Law on your left. Enter and talk to Elder Morndeep. I’m not sure if you can talk and run back before the ring of law event starts but the fight is a joke for a level 80. the doors open once the fight is over so return as you came in.

Elder Stonefort in Blackrock Spire

So easily and simply put I couldn’t resist quoting again:

[By marc314cel: LBRS is part of BRS. Enter Blackrock Mountain, go up the chain, through the balcony.
and enter the instance.
Then go right, down into the Hall of Blackhand, then left into Hordemar city.
He is in Hordemar City in LBRS, after the first wooden bridge.]

Elder Starsong in the Sunken Temple

Enter the instance. Make an immediate left turn. Climb up the spiral stairs. You’ll see some trash mobs, kill them. When you make it to the clearing turn left. Hug the wall and you’ll see Elder Starsong.

Elder Farwhisper in Stratholme

This depends whether you have the Key to the City which opens a service entrance to the undead part or not.

With the key:

Elder Farwhisper is not in the undead part but its easier if you have the key. Enter through the service gate. Avoid the boss and the mobs and enter the living side. Make an immediate right turn and hug the right wall. Turn left and you’ll find Elder Farwhisper on the corner.

Without the key:

I’m not sure if you can avoid the mobs here but enter and make a right turn. When you’re under the archway both portcullises will close and trap you with lots of rats. Rats should be aoed, killing them singlehandedly might cause trouble and they are immune to hunter traps. Past the gate you’ll see the great gate to the undead part of the dungeon so follow above instructions to continue.

Here’s a map to Stratholme and Elder Farwhisper is just before “The Unforgiven”

Elune's Blessing

All I know so far is that you can get the credit even if you arrive after it is dead. That’s what happened to me.